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The Wytchs' Haven

For Witches, Pagans, and People everywhere

Ye Olde Wytchs Shoppe

Ye Olde Wytchs Shoppe



You may be aware that there have been numerous shifts in human consciousness, and this in turn has opened doorways between our world and the Spirit world, but more importantly, it has     re-opened ancient doorways that were once believed to be closed.

This in turns aids the changing of ourlives to incorporate, illness, and disempowerment through the effects of others, the impact of life upon us, energy emanations and spirit intrusions.

Each of these enter our bodies and cause us harm.

Healing is carried out through the removal of these energies (Spirit Extraction) and the return of the power to the client.

This can either be done in person or via distance. Text 022 40 90 796 for an appointment

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