The Wytchs' Haven

For Witches, Pagans, and People everywhere


We are open for Orders 24/7

Readings are strictly by appointment in Invercargill

The Best Incense you will ever burn


We are pleased to announce that we will shortly be launching the Psychic Development Course by monthly subscription.  With this you will receive course notes as well as a selection of crystals, pendulum etc to work with over the period of one year.  WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE DETAILS

WELCOME, to the Wytchs' Haven.  With over 35 years experience in the mystical realms, this is one of a very few places where you can feel relaxed, and comfortable, and know that whatever your quest, vocation, or beliefs are, you are more than welcome here.  

We have within the Wytchs' Haven, information, online lessons, AND a Shop for ALL of your Spiritual and Witchy needs.

We stock everything from crystals, herbs, resins, charcoal, pendulums, chakra sprays, NZ Flower Essences (made to your own specific needs and also basic overall requirements).

We also offer Psychic Medium Readings from our hand picked group of trusted Readers.  

Coupled with this, we offer a variety of services, including distance healing, in person energy healing at one of our Rooms, House Cleansings and Blessings within Southland (or advice and the tools required to carry out your own)


PLUS we are on Facebook, just look for The Wytchs Haven or click the link

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) : With the going to Level 3, we are now taking orders, and will have these packaged and sent out to customers.
We have had a phenomenal amount of orders placed and as such there are some items that are now out of stock. However we are working closely with our Suppliers to obtain more as quickly as possible.  We are however at the mercy of flights, and couriers

Please bear with us in this time of unprecedented actions. STAY WELL and STAY SAFE.  We will see you all at the end of this.